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Why is wood veneer so popular in engineering projects?

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The veneer decoration industry started in the 1950s and has grown to a considerable scale after half a century of development. With the rapid prosperous of the wood processing industry and real estate industry in the past decades, veneer, as an excellent surface decoration material, has rapidly developed.

In interior design, depending on the style of furniture, the selection of materials can also affect the overall atmosphere and landing effect of the design. Most furniture is made of solid wood as a frame, and then finished with various of wood veneer on the surface of MDF board or plywood, finally stick with edge. Furniture with wood veneer has the characteristics of being natural, comfortable and warm. Fixed panel and loose furniture with wood veneer have become the mainstream in the furniture market. So sustainable and more environmentally friendly wood veneer products have received more attention and use from projects.

The commonly used thickness of wood veneer is 0.2mm-0.5mm.

*0.2-0.3mm: commonly used for manual sticking. Moderate thickness can increase the flexibility of the wood veneer. Generally, a layer of non-woven fabric is pasted on the back of veneer to less prone to cracking.

*0.4-0.5mm: commonly used for machine pasting. After high-temperature hot pressing and sanding, then paint, the entire panel is completed. If thin wood veneer is used and then sanded, it is easy for sand to penetrate the surface of the veneer, leading to exposure of the bottom. Based on the above analysis, the thickness of the wood veneer has a significant impact on the quality of the veneer.

Paken has always insisted on using 0.4mm thick wood veneer, and after 16 years polishing of technology, the craftsmanship of wood veneer furniture has become sophisticated.

What are the classifications of wood veneer?

According to the production process, it is divided into natural wood veneer and technological wood veneer.

Classified by texture: straight grain and mountain grain.

According to the coloring process: it is divided into dyed wood veneer and washed wood veneer.

According to the surface paint luminosity, it can be divided into matte and bright.

According to surface touch, it can be divided into open grain paint and closed grain paint.

According to the classification of wood type, commonly used ones include oak, walnut, ash, white ash, ash, birch, maple, teak, cherry, sandalwood, eucalyptus, rose wood, cat's eye veneer, etc. The most commonly used are oak veneer and walnut veneer.

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