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 Paken Hotel furniture showroom is located in Shunlian South District, Foshan City.
 Built by the international top hotel interior design brand "Hong Kong Cheng Chung Design ".
Totally 9 sample rooms, It integrates various styles and elements such as business style, modern luxury style, Southeast Asian holiday style, and new Chinese style.
 It can meet the diversified design needs of customers.


Imported equipment: electronic cutting saw, automatic edge banding machine, cold press machine, row drill machine, pattern carving machine make the production line orderly.

Fully automated electronic equipment helps us produce large quantities of engineering orders accurately and efficiently.

Cooperate with the dust removal system in the painting process, make the product surface smooth and abrasion resistant , It can meet various effects such as open grain, closed grain, highlight or matt finish.

Chinese traditional tenon and mortise structure is used for the assembly of wood.make the joint structure more firm and solid.

Paken hotel furniture make your wish as you wish, make design success a reality.
Installation and Commissioning Plan
  • First of all
    Our company will arrange professionals to inspect the installation site, study the location of furniture, transportation routes, installation conditions and your on-site management rules, etc., and communicate with your personnel in order to ensure that there will be no problems during the installation period. Affect the development of your other work.
  • Secondly
    Our company will arrange skilled installation workers to install your furniture, and arrange on-site management personnel to manage the installation site to avoid confusion at the installation site and damage to your other items.
  • Tertiary
    Our installation and on-site management personnel will strictly abide by and cooperate with your requirements, and strive to meet your requirements in order to achieve your satisfaction.
  • Finally
    After the installation work is completed, our technical staff will always stay on site to cooperate and carry out the work until your acceptance is qualified and satisfactory.
  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3
  • Step 4

Transportation Plan

The transportation of goods and products from the processing place to the location is all carried out by land vehicle transportation, which is undertaken by 11 cooperative transportation companies of our company. They all have very mature networked transportation systems, basically covering markets all over the country. Such a strong transportation capacity ensures the interests of end customers. Our company has signed a cooperation agreement with each transportation company, and if there is any problem in the transportation process, there are laws to follow. During this period, the cost of transportation will be borne by us! Different modes of transportation at the project site.
Horizontal Transportation
Horizontal transport is divided into ground level transport and floor level transport. The goods and materials of this project are loaded and unloaded manually and with auxiliary machinery, and are reasonably layered and classified on the site. The planning and coordination of specifications, quantities, time and area occupied by the site shall not affect the progress of the construction period due to site reasons as much as possible.
Vertical Transportation
According to the site inspection situation, take the following measures:
1. Feed materials according to the specified time, arrange a special transportation team, and plan the time reasonably according to the construction demand.
2. Make a material entry plan in advance, count the quantity and transportation time of this batch of incoming materials, and report to the owner, supervisor and related units. For special materials, special warehouses should be applied for storage.
Ascending Transportation
According to the site conditions, scaffolding must be provided for projects such as the installation of ceiling finishes in the lobby and the construction of the entrance facade. During the construction of the ceiling, the steel pipe movable platform (sports car) is used as the basis, supplemented by a ladder, and a flat scaffolding board to form a working belt for climbing.

Set Up A Project Team With Special Responsibilities

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