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FAQ About Our Hotel Furniture

Find answers to common questions about our hotel furniture, from customization options to the order process and delivery times. We're here to make your experience seamless.
  • What products&service can you provide?
    We specially customize Internationally famous 5 stars hotel furniture/Villa furniture/high-end restaurant furniture, include fixed&loose furniture.
    * Fixed furniture: wood paneling/decoration wall paneling/cabinets/wardrobe/door&door frame/skirting, etc.
    * Loose furniture: headboard/ bedbase/ bedside table/ bed bench/ study table/ study chair/ TV cabinet/ sofa/ coffee table/ mini bar/ luggage cabinet,etc.
    (2)We also provide one-stop service, can purchase light/ curtain/ carpet/ artwork / hardware/ accessories together. Help clients save budget and time.
  • Please generally introduce your company’s strength and scale.
    We are top10 furniture brands in China, has 3000m2 showroom, 80000m2 factory, 600+ succeed finished projects, 500+ experienced workers, 20+ professional designer, more than 16 years hotel furniture projects customize experiences,100% quality control. Holding complete ISO9001/ISO14001/Attestation of Chinese environment mark qualification documents for certification. Paken is your trusted worthy engineering partner. Let’s start our first order and start our stories.
  • Do you have catalog for option?
    Yes, we totally have 4 catalogs.
    (1)Company certifications and finished projects.
    (2)Hotel furniture design catalog.
    (3)Villa furniture design catalog.
    (4)Restaurant furniture design catalog.
    Please contact projects manager ask for completed catalog for ref.
    Tel/Whatsapp: +86 139 2828 5584
  • What international famous hotel cases have you done?
    1.Foreign market:

    (1) The Middle East:
    ①Holiday Inn Khobar Saudi Arabia/ ②Stay bridge Hotel Khobar Saudi Arabia / ③VOCO Hotel Khobar Saudi Arabia

    ①The Okura Prestige Bangkok/ ②Sofitel in downtown Singapore/ ③Raffles Maldives Meradhoo

    ①Hilton Port Moresby Papua New Guinea/ ②Shangri-la Hotel Fiji

    (4)North America:
    ①Moxy Hotel in Washington, USA/ ②Fairmont Hotel, Canada

    2.Domestic market:

    ①Kempinski, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou/ ②Sheraton Guangzhou Hotel/ ③Guangzhou Dinglong Hilton Garden Hotel/ ④Crowne Plaza Poly Foshan, Guangdong/ ⑤Hainan Sanya Boao Forum Hotel/ ⑥Hunan Changsha Shimao Hilton Hotel/ ⑦Jiangsu Suzhou Zhiyin Wyndham International Hotel/ ⑧Shandong Rizhao Sheraton Hotel/ ⑨Wyndham Garden Hotel in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan/ ⑩Crowne Plaza Paektu Mountain, Jilin Province
  • How long should I prepare to purchase furniture before the hotel opens?
    Here is the furniture customize general time progress:

    ①According to projects’ CAD&3D layout make plan (3-5 days)

    ②Material & Qty confirm (1-2 days)


    ④Small samples check(3-5 days)

    ⑤After 40% deposit start production drawing(3-15 days)

    ⑥Signed on the drawings, then start production(3-5 days)



    ⑨Packing and loading(3-5 days)

    ⑩Delivery(30-60 days)

    ⑪Installation(15-30 days)

    ⑫After-sale service and cleaning(10-15days)

    So it is better to order furniture 6 months before the hotel opens.
  • What material do you use? How to control products’ quality?
    * Base material: E1 grade plywood/ B1 grade fire proof plywood
    * Surfacing: Natural veneer/ Solid color paint/ Fomica brand HPL laminate/ PET
    * Solid wood: Europe import ash solid wood
    * Paint: World-renowned Taiho brand painting
    * Foam: High density foam≥45KG/m³
    * Fabric: High quality cotton/ linen/ lint
    * Leather: Real cowhide leather/ microfiber leather/ PU leather
    * Stone: Natural marble/ Artificial marble/ States/ Quartz
    * Metal: #316/304/201 S/S / iron/ aluminum
    * Hardware: DTC DongTai/ Archie/ Blum/ Hettich/ Hafele

    Besides the high quality materials, we also have a 10 people’s QC team, CEO will lead all the managers to check products’ details one by one, truly achieve 100% quality control.
  • If I can’t come to China personally, how can I do factory inspection?
    1.We will take photos and videos to show our factory scale/ workers/ machine/ technology/ workmanship/production lines,etc.
    2.We also can have a video call with clients, show all the details via online method. Which workshop clients wanna check, I will move there, so that can through this method to visit our factory.
    3.Find a third party inspection agency or friend in China, we will take him to our factory, then take photos or have a video call with clients.
  • Will you according to our design plan, size, and material command customize all the products?
    Yes, we do 100% customize service according to clients requirement and commands, will change every details till clients are satisfied. Every clients will enjoy a unique customized service experience.
    Every clients will have a whole team to serve him/her, and the main project manager is also 24H online, truly achieving a response and a result to every command.
  • Can your product undergo flame retardant treatment, including sponge, fabric, leather, and entry doors? Can it meet international inspection standards?
    Yes, our products can make fire proof processing.
    * Including B1 grade plywood/ Flame-retardant sponge/ Flame-retardant fabric/ Flame-retardant entrance door.
    * At the same time we will provide material’s flame retardant inspection report.
    * Our flame retardant products are manufactured strictly in accordance with the execution standards of American standard CA-117/TB-117 or British standard BS-5852/BS-7176, so please no worry, we have succeed finished over 500+ international brand 5 stars hotel project cases and they all successfully passed local fire inspections.
  • If I only have hotel CAD drawings, can you provide a combination of solutions?
    Yes, according to our passed 16 years experiences, 60% clients have completed 2d+3d drawing, and 40% clients they only have Hotel CAD drawings.
    So we will according to partyA’s CAD drawing, also referring to the styles and trends of newly opened hotels in the past two years, then make 3 different style design options plan, our clients can only do choice question, also in this way, more communication we will learn each other better, can fast make progress together.
  • Do you have designer who can go to our construction site to measure?
    Yes, after we confirmed the order (material/ price/ payment method/ delivery time/ deposit), will send our designer and project manager fly to foreign construction site to measure. When we come back will deepen production drawings.

    *Our drawing is for production, not the 3D drawings of the projects. After finished drawing, PartyA should sign on the paper, then we start production.

    *PartyA should pay for the designer’s round trip air ticket, board and lodging, designer salary.
  • Do you provide detailed drawings of the product?
    Yes, we will according to the confirmed information (material/ size/ type), then deepen our production drawings.

    * Deepen furniture drawing will finish in 7-15days.

    * During the drawing process of the designer, the project leader will keep in touch with the customer at all times, update the drawing process in real time, give feedback on problems and propose solutions.
  • What information does Party A need to provide for the quotation? How long will it take to receive a quotation? Does your quotation include shipping and installation?
    1.We need the cooperation of customers to provide:

    (1) CAD drawings and 3D drawings of the project
    (2) The style of the product
    (3) Quantity of products
    (4) The material of the product
    (5) Project address and location
    (6) Opening time of the project
    (7) Project budget

    Please don't worry, the project information will be 100% confidential, and the staff will guide you to improve the information step by step. At the same time, they will also provide you with problems and solutions in the order during the process.

    Please don’t feel troublesome. The more comprehensive the project leader’s understanding of your hotel information in the early stage, the more accurate the materials, plans, and styles recommended to you later will be.

    At the same time, we also provide one-stop service, with a complete supply chain from furniture→lights→curtains→carpets→hanging pictures. It can help you save time and worry, and 100% help to perfectly implement your design plan.

    2.Quotation will be completed within 3-5 days

    3.Quotes do not include shipping and installation.

    * Usually customers have their own trusted and long-term cooperative freight forwarders, so we mainly do EXW ex-factory price and FOB price.

    * Movable furniture does not need to be installed, it can be placed after cleaning. For fixed furniture such as cabinets and wall panels, we will shoot installation videos or send technicians to foreign project construction sites to guide the installation (Party A needs to pay the round-trip air tickets, board and lodging and wages of the technicians).
  • How can you help me control my budget and get the best quality products?
    The project leader will provide you with 2 options of material according to your drawings, product styles and project positioning, include high-end luxury PlanA and economical PlanB. Every customer can choose PlanA or PlanB according to their own budget.

    Please rest assured that all the solutions we make will maximize achieve high-quality materials and products according to your budget. Whether you are a five-star luxury hotel or a economical hotel, you can find the purchase plan and the best service experience you want in Paken.

    We have 16 years of experience in hotel project customization, and 500+ hotel projects have been successfully implemented in domestic and foreign cooperation, which ensures that we are proficient in the popular styles of each country's market, and at the same time, we can quickly solve any problems encountered during the project Reflect and resolve quickly.
  • How to confirm material texture and color? Is there a small sample?
    Method 1: We will take pictures of the texture and colors of wood veneer/fabric/leather/stone/metal/hardware/accessories under natural sunlight, and send them to online customers in the form of photos and videos for selection. At the same time, it will be summarized into files and sent to your WeChat/ Whatsapp/ Email respectively.

    Method 2: We will sort out all veneer/fabric/leather/stone/metal material samples and deliver them to you by DHL. The real touch feeling and color can help you to make a faster choice. In order for both parties to express our sincerity in cooperation, we will provide you with free samples, and you will also need to pay the DHL express fee.
  • How to customize a mock up room and what is the payment method?
    Party A shall provide complete CAD drawings and 3D drawings of the hotel project

    Confirms the material and color of the product material

    Confirms the quotation

    Pay deposit

    Finish detailed drawings of the mock up rooms within 5-7 days

    Sign after checking the accuracy of the production drawings

    Arranges production, delivery time is 30-45 days

    Quality inspection

    packing and shipping

    Installation and after-sales service

    The mock up room needs double paid full payment of one bedroom.

    Please understand that we need to make custom molds for each product in a loss profit situation, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive.

    But please don’t worry, After you place the bulk order with us, we will refund you the extra 50% of the sample room cost.
  • How to customize bulk quantities order? and what is the payment method?
    First confirm the size/style/material details of the sample room. After the finished product is checked by Party A and the effect is satisfactory, we will start bulk order’s production according to the confirmed samples and drawings.

    After the double price is paid for the model room, 50% will be refunded when bulk orders are placed.

    The remaining room furniture and public area furniture are collectively classified as bulk orders, and the payment method is 40% deposit and 60% balance payment. T/T payment is the only accept method.

    We have two accounts include RMB and US dollars, please communicate with the projects manager in advance, whether to pay EXW terms or FOB terms, RMB or US dollars.

    Note: In the US dollar payment method, we will calculate the contract amount according to the real-time exchange rate of the Bank of China, and the quotation is valid for one month.
  • How long is the lead time for your mock up room and bulk goods?
    Mock up room delivery time: 30-45 days
    Bulk order delivery time: 60-65 days
  • How to know which stage of my goods production in progress? How to know whether PAKEN can deliver on time?
    During the production process, the project leader will go to the factory twice a week to check the production progress and quality details of the goods, take photos and videos and send them to the communication group to give timely feedback to customers.

    Our production steps are closely linked, 3 fully automatic production lines, 6 workshops, 500 workers are efficient in production, and cooperate with each other to ensure that orders are delivered on time.

    At the same time, the contract also signed a compensation clause for delayed delivery. Please believe in the power of China's manufacturing industry, and also believe in PAKEN, which has 16 years of hotel furniture customization experience and 500+ successful cases.
  • How do you check the quality after the production is completed? how to prove?
    After the production is completed, PAKEN’s CEO, the project manager, designer, quality inspector, and workshop leader will form a 10 people quality inspection team to conduct the first round of internal self-inspection. Check the size/material/edge details/product effect one by one, and compare with the production drawings. The test results will sent to the customer by taking pictures and videos simultaneously. If products have flame retardancy requirement, during QC step will also provide inspection reports at the same time.

    In the second round, we will pick up and drop off guests by car to the factory to inspect the quality of finished products in person. If the customer cannot come to China, we can also send a third-party organization to inspect the quality, which is fair and just.

    If there are any small problems that need to be modified or reworked, we will quickly and efficiently solve them within a week.
  • How do you pack to ensure the safety of cargo transportation?
    We have 3 packaging methods:

    (1) carton / (2) solid wood frame / (3) plywood box

    While packing, we will use foam, pearl cotton, and corner protectors for secondary protection of the product.

    In this way, even fragile glass and marble can be well protected.

    We will provide photos and videos during the packing and loading process for customers' reference and inspection.
  • How does PAKEN loading in a container? Will you provide photos and videos?
    1. Go to the warehouse to see if goods are ready

    2. Draw up a container loading plan based on volume/weight/packaging size, how to make full use of container space and save budget for customers

    3. Division of work:
    (1) 2 Recorder (assign tasks to each person in advance)
    (2) Loading and unloading workers (number)
    (3) Forklifts (how many qty is needed)

    4. Fill out the relevant form
    ①Container plan ②Container loading list ③Container weight ④Loading record sheet (required quantity/ suitable length) ⑤Two copies in Chinese and English are required, the format must be correct, and customs declaration is available

    5. The arrangement of the freight company: make an appointment in advance how many trucks are needed, when will the trucks come, and when will they start loading

    6. Loading plan: finish loading in how many days, daily loading quantity (How many containers are needed?), when to start loading, notify relevant personnel

    7.Be optimistic about the weather forecast on the day of container loading in advance and take corresponding preventive measures

    Yes, we will provide all photos and videos of the loading process.We will also make a drawing of the products location in the container, so that the goods will be distributed to different areas of the hotel when our clients unload the goods.
  • What are the method of transportation? By sea or land transportation? What trade terms do you do?
    Our company does two trade terms of EXW and FOB.

    The mode of transportation depends on the location of the project. In Russia/Nepal and other countries bordering China, customers will choose land transportation, and some urgent products will also choose air transportation. 90% of customers will prefer sea transportation.

    No matter which mode of transportation, we will do a good job in the preliminary work of packaging and loading, so as to protect the product and arrive at the customer's project safely. If there are after-sales problems such as missed delivery or damage caused by our reasons, we will communicate and solve them as soon as possible.
  • Can you come and help install on site? if not how can i install?
    Regarding installation, we have the following solutions:

    1. Most of product are the movable furniture, a small number of bed frames and wardrobes need to be assembled: we will shoot the installation video, bring the Installation instruction with the goods, and make a real-time video call to teach you how to install it.

    2. When there are a large number of fixed wood veneer paneling, cabinets, doors and other fixed products, we can send designers to the local site to guide the installation, and teach the local workers to install 1 room, other left rooms or public areas’ install, the construction workers will be able to do it by themselves.

    3. For projects with a very urgent construction period and need to be open very fast, if there is a need, we will send an installation team to foreign projects to help promote and complete the installation of the entire hotel, and help the hotel owner to open on time.

    (1) Party A needs to be responsible for the round-trip air tickets/board and lodging/wages of designers and workers.
    (2) The quotation and contract do not include the installation fee, which requires additional calculation. If there is an installation requirement, please inform the project leader in advance, and we will think of a solution in advance.
  • What is your after-sales service? How long is the warranty?
    Our after-sales service can help you solve emergencies such as out of stock or damage, and minor problems will be resolved within 3-5 days.

    Our warranty period is 3 years. And the furniture can be used for more than 10 years.

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