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How does Paken achieve strict quality control of furniture?

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Who are we? As a one-stop Full custom manufacturer with 16 years of experience in hotel projects Area, we are honored to be awarded "China's Top Ten Furniture Brands", "China's Recommended Products for Engineering Construction", "Integrity Demonstration Enterprise" and many other honors. Paken has also gained recognition and favor from project owners around the world.

Where are we? Paken Hotel Furniture Company only has a direct exhibition showroom, located on the 3rd floor of Block 3, Shunlian South District, Lecong. The exhibition hall is about 30 minutes' drive from our factory in Gaoming District.

How to strictly select products: From material selection to production process to finished product quality inspection, our boss personally leads the team to polish and inspect every step. The successful implementation of a project cannot be separated from the efforts of every member of the team, such as measuring scales, drawings, pre production meetings, production, quality inspection and acceptance. repeated meetings during the process, and control of each steps. This is our attitude towards product quality and our original intention towards the brand.

Material selection: European imported white ash solid wood, Guanhua E1 grade plywood, high-quality 0.4mm thick wood veneer, Taiwan Taiho water-based paint, high-density rebound sponge, fingerprint free stainless steel, natural marble.



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Machine and manufacturing process: fully automatic CNC electronic saw, curve and sculpture machine, edge banding machine. Cold press, hot press machine. five times of base paint and three times of surface paint technology. Mortise and tenon joint. Double row sewing technology.


Be willing to use more high quality materials is our commitment to the customer's product warranty period.


There are three packaging methods: carton box, solid wood frame, and plywood box, ensuring the products safe arrival at destination.


Time is the best spokesperson for product quality. You take the project, and we will be responsible for the rest.

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